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Street Team

Sign Up Now!

Some of you have already been helpful informing people in your towns about upcoming shows in the past, and we want to supply you with the info you need to help spread the word. Ready to get started? Click here to sign up!

How to Help

If you want to help spread the word about Trina Hamlin, here are some other things you can do...

• Bring 3 friends to a show with you

• Send an email to 7 friends with information about the show

• Write a story for your local newspaper, or just let them know that Trina Hamlin is coming to town

• Post blog entries sharing your opinions of Trina Hamlin- places like Blogger, MSN Spaces, and Yahoo 360 are great for this

• Join a listserv or email group that shares music news in your area or by topic - we're big fans of Yahoo Groups

• Start a MySpace page and add Trina to your "friends" - she's www.myspace.com/trinahamlin

• Provide reviews/feedback on some of the sites that have Trina Hamlin's music - like iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby